So what exactly is fishing?

by | Nov 14, 2011 | Fishing

The activity of hunting or trying to catch fish is known as Fishing. It is an ancient practice which is carried out all over the world. Nowadays, this activity has even become a sport to some extent.

Where did it all start?

Fishing can be traced back to the Mesolithic period which was around ten thousand years ago. Archeologists have found fish bones in caves and also found cave paintings of sea food, which suggests that sea food was a important part of man’s diet. Although there is no way of proving it, it is said that fishing may have been around even before the development of man.

It is also said that The Nile used to be full of fish. The Egyptian tombs and caves drawings very clearly indicate the methods of fishing used by them. There are also some illustrations which clearly suggest that fishing was also pursued by the Egyptians as a hobby. It was in the 12th dynasty that metal hooks and bards came into use. The most important fish of the region were the Nile perch, eels and catfish.

The Greek culture does not have many representations indicating that fishing did not have a very high status then. However, there is pictorial evidence of roman fishing which also shows the use of boats, rods and line and nets. The Greco-Roman Sea God is depicted as carrying a fish trident.

How is it done?

The fishers make use of light nets made of buoyant flax. They wheel it in a circle roundabout and violently attack the surface of the sea with their oars. The sudden onslaught usually frightens the fish who take shelter within the ‘safety’ of the net. The fishermen then hasten the net on both sides to draw the net ashore.



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