What makes a sports watch?

by | Nov 14, 2011 | Sports Apparel

You pay close attention to what you wear. You make sure you buy the right accessories for yourself. Why should sports watches be any different? There is virtually a limitless variety available in sports watches and hence it may get somewhat confusing, while deciding which one to buy. Well there are a few basic features which a sports watch should have. Looking for these features you can short list the best and most useful sports watches from among the wide collection.

Do not be dazzled

It is not necessary to go for the most expensive and advanced looking sports watch. What use will it be if you always need to carry a manual to operate it? Just look for one which gives you what you need and is easy to use.

Stop watch

The first and foremost thing you should look for in sports watches or in all kinds of watches for that matter is a clear display. Do not fall pray to the looks, pomp and show of advanced looking sports watches having a muddled display. It beats the basic purpose. This display feature is most important when using the running stop watch system in the watch. Sports watches are available which have customizable screens and show more than one data field.


Data storage is an indispensable feature for sportsmen who keep a record of their work out like sessions, sets and laps. The data storage should be easy to manage and big enough to give the user time to copy it into their diaries or computers.

Count down timer

Apart from a stop-watch you would also require something which works in the opposite way. This means, instead of doing a feat and recording how much time it took you to complete it, you may want to set the time and see if you can complete it within the stipulated time period. This is done by the count-down timer. As the name suggests you can feed in the amount of time you think you require and then start the timer which counts backwards to zero.

sports watches

sports watches

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