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Three steps in writing a sports ebook

Writing an ebook is not a difficult issue. However, there is a right way and a wrong way of doing it and most people end up doing it the wrong way. Here are three things to focus on when writing a sports ebook.

Most people go about writing a book, then sit and convert it into an ebook, and then comes the nagging question as to how will the book be sold. Writing the book should actually be the last part of the procedure. The first question that should be tackled should be the types of phrase the people will use in order to search for your sports ebook.

Once you hit upon the phrase, you need to see the kind of interest that is generated on the internet about the topic. There are various types of research tools that are available which help you to determine how many hits a particular keyword gets in a month. Writing a book on a keyword that gets only around thousand hits in a month does not make sense. Moreover selling such an ebook is also difficult. But if an ebook is written on a keyword that has thousands or ten thousand hits in a month, there is a chance that your sports ebook will be sold if you can manage to tap into that traffic.

The last thing to do is find the ebooks being sold on your competitors’ websites. Check their promotion strategies and the attractiveness of their sales page and also the price of their ebook.

This type of research is necessary in order tobe able to sell your ebook with ease.

Now in case of sports, some of the popular topics on which an ebook maybe written are ‘how to lose weight’, ‘how to coach soccer’, ‘certain drills for sports’, ‘how to improve speed’ and these could be topped off with some interviews by some famous athletes.

sports ebook
sports ebook
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