Top Tips From Delta, CA, Sturgeon Fishing Guides

One of the best ways to ensure success on any fishing expedition is to hire an experienced charter captain. When it comes to sturgeon fishing in the Delta, CA, it this is a very important factor.

Experienced sturgeon fishing guides with years of fishing the waterways in this part of California have the expertise and knowledge of the water to know just where the fish are most likely to be. As this can vary based on weather conditions, specific times of the year and other factors, this experience is instrumental in targeting the species you want to fish.

Have the Right Fishing Equipment

When hiring sturgeon fishing guides, look for companies that supply all the gear you need. These charters have the rods, reels, bait, and even the weights and nets to be able to not only get down to the fish in the water but then to also manage the fish into the boat.
Sturgeon are large and heavy, and they are going to put up a fight. Small nets, lightweight line, and even the lighter rods and reels are not going to stand up. There are sporting goods stores around Delta, CA, to stock up, but if the charter has the equipment you have one less thing to worry about for the trip.

Strategic Fishing

Another way to benefit from the help of the best sturgeon fishing guides is to get tips on how to get these fish interested. It is important to use a quick hook set, but to make sure that the fish is biting.

This is a fish that nibble around first, then suddenly grab the bait and bolt. This is commonly known as the suicide pull-down, and seeing the early signs of movement on the tip of the rod helps you to be prepared for the upcoming action.

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