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Printed BJJ Patches Allow for Better Customization

Brazilian jiu jitsu has become one of the fastest growing types of martial arts. Unlike other disciplines, those who participate in BJJ use patches to showcase the school they train with, as well as accomplishments and other important messages. When you are choosing the patches for your gi, printed BJJ patches can offer great customization options.

Choose Any Image

There are few restrictions when it comes to what you can display on your BJJ patches. Individuals are free to choose just about any design they wish to add to their gi. Depending on the type of patch you choose, however, you may be limited in the images you can use simply because of the way the patch is made. If you choose screen printing, you can print just about anything.

A Variety of Colors

Printed BJJ patches also allow you to choose a larger number of colors for your design without having to spend a lot of extra money. For instance, if you choose embroidery instead, you may need to pay more for additional colors because of the extra work. Screen printing your patches doesn’t place these restrictions on the colors because the process is fast and easy. This gives you more options when you design your custom patches.

Fast, Dependable Service

Screen printing is a fast, easy process that quickly transfers dyes onto the patch to create the design you are looking for. When you choose a company that offers this option, you will be able to order your patches and receive them quickly. There’s no need to wait weeks to add the latest patch to your gi. With the right company, you can depend on receiving the highest quality BJJ patches as fast as possible.

If you participate in Brazilian jiu jitsu, you already understand the importance of choosing the right patches to display on your gi. Choosing printed BJJ patches provides you with the patches you want more quickly than you can with some other types of patches. You will be in full control of the image you use, including the colors that will be used, so you can create something special that will stand out from all the other jiu jitsu participants. As long as you take the time to choose the right company for the job, you can showcase all your latest accomplishments to everyone who sees you in action.

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