The Rams Sneak Into Playoff Contention Following The NFL Sunday Night Score

In the 2018 season, the Los Angeles Rams took part in one of the great games to ever feature on NBC’s Sunday Night Football brand. In an epic quarterback matchup of two of football’s rising stars, Patrick Mahomes and Jared Goff put up more than 100 points in a 51-54 game that remains one for the ages. The Rams return to primetime TV in the U.S. was nothing like last season’s game with the NFL Sunday night score reaching just 24 points combined.

Trubisky looks to be a bust

It is safe to say the Chicago faithful were never completely sold on the Bears using their first-round draft pick on Mitch Trubisky and these fears seem like good ones following his latest primetime TV performance. As the clock ticked down to the end of the fourth quarter, Trubisky suffered the indignity of being pulled from the game in favor of the underwhelming Chase Daniel. The official word is that the QB has a recurrent hip injury that is ruining his game, but the 2017 number two draft pick is not reaching the heights of two quarterbacks he was chosen ahead of in the draft, Patrick Mahomes and DeShaun Watson.

The Rams Turn To Todd Gurley

The latest season has not been a good one for the Rams and the latest NFL Sunday night score showed little in returning the team to prominence. Instead, quarterback Jared Goff continued to struggle with only 18 pass attempts in a game that was a throwback to the heyday of Todd Gurley. The running back dominated a game like has rarely done in the last few months as the Rams bounced back to scrape into playoff contention. At the start of the season the Bears and Rams were ranked with the Browns as Super Bowl contenders but now appear to all be on the outside looking in at the playoff places. Visit Domain for more information.

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