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there are many proverbs regarding time. Some great people have quoted that ‘Time and Tide wait for no man’ while some said that ‘A stitch in time saves nine’. This itself shows that time is an important factor in everyone’s life. Watch is one of the most important accessory of almost everyone. Some prefer to go for a simple watch while some jazz it up. Some prefer to sport only designer watches while some sporty people opt for sports watches. In this article we put some light on the features of sports watches.

Features of sport watches

sports watches come with multiple functions. Sports watches are designed not only to show time but also for other purposes. With the help of sports watches one can measure distance, intervals and heart rate. Sports watches are preferred by sportsmen who go for jogging and want to measure their rate rate with it. Sports watches have other features too like chronograph, pedometer, speed rate etc. not only athletes but common people too can use sports watches for that something extra.

There is one screen that comes along the sports watches which displays the data. The ones that are very costly come with more additional features. You get computer watches too. But they are considered to be fragile. They have many disadvantages which make them not preferred at all by the common man. On the other hand quartz watches are very popular and preferred among all sections and strata of society. The price is pretty affordable and the functions are many. The quality is good of these type of sports watches. In sports watches you also get mechanical sports watches. The functions are the same as that of quartz watches but there are some technical differences. Sports watches are fun and should be possessed by all.

sports watches
sports watches
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