Best Tactical Gear and Footwear for your Airsoft Game

by | Aug 30, 2013 | Recreation and Sports, Sports Apparel

If you decided to give airsoft a try and liked it you might want to consider investing in some tactical footwear and gear that will help you be a more effective and authentic player. Here are some of the gear and footwear items you can consider as you progress in your airsoft experiences.

Tactical Footwear
When it comes to tactical footwear most players swear by military style combat boots. They offer you the comfort, agility and support you need as well as protection from the elements such as wet and cold. You get full ankle support which is needed when on the run in uneven terrain as well as from bugs. They breathe well in the summer and are warm and water resistant in the cooler months. Some players prefer hiking style boots as well, so you can try both and see what suits your taste and budget.

Tactical Protective Gear
There are many things you might want to consider investing in when it comes to tactical protective gear. You should start with the most important elements such as masks/goggles as you can’t play without them. Good brands to invest in include the Lancer Tactical Full Face Protection Mask which looks good, feels good and is not too hard on the wallet. Knee pads and hard knuckle gloves are also good investments. Knuckles can really get some serious pain and damage without hard cover protection but some players find them constricting and uncomfortable for shooting. Tactical vests are very affordable as well as comfortable. They provide protection as well as plenty of utility use. One of the top rated vests is the NC Star Molle Tactical Vest which is completely customizable to suit the pouches needed for each mission.

Elite Tactical Gear
Once you’ve really committed to airsoft you can slowly start adding the nice to haves that fit into your budget. You can consider the following tactical gear:

  • Night Vision Goggles
  • Leg or Vertical Holster
  • Hydration Bladder (to replace your canteen)
  • Full Camouflage

Once you know you enjoy airsoft and want to continue honing your skills and upping your missions you can find a whole world of equipment, Airsoft Guns and tactical footwear and gear to improve your airsoft experience.

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