Majority Of NFL Players Think Johnny Manziel Will Succeed

From rolling dollar bills in a bathroom to partying with Justin Bieber in Miami to attending the ESPY’s, it is hard to imagine that you had a more exciting or comment-provoking summer than Jonny Manziel. When it comes to celebrating being drafted, it is hard to imagine Johnny Manziel having a better or more publicized time than any of the other new draftees. Perhaps, Manziel was just trying to party away the unrelenting disappointment that comes from being drafted by one of the worst franchises in the NFL: the Cleveland Browns.

No matter whether you like him or not, there is one thing that no one is disputing: Johnny Manziel can flat out play football. However, the real question is whether or not his unconventional success on the field for Texas A & M will translate to the NFL game. In a survey done by ESPN in August 2014, almost seven out of ten NFL players interviewed believed that Johnny Manziel would have a successful football career. In only two college seasons, Manziel amassed statistics that most players never accomplish in a full four years. Not only did he throw for 59 touchdowns and 7438 yards, but also he rushed for nearly 2100 yards and 29 touchdowns. To put the icing on the cake, Manziel became the first redshirt freshman to win the Heisman Trophy in 2012.

While his college stats will certainly go down in the history books, it remains to be seen whether Manziel can be a successful quarterback. Concerns about his below average height, unconventional throwing method and his propensity to make dangerous plays while on the run contribute to these concerns. Ultimately, Johnny Manziel has the tools to be an elusive runner, an effective thrower and a winner on the gridiron. However, does Manziel have the maturity it takes to be an elite signal caller? If his antics during the offseason, when he could have been training for the upcoming season, are not a red flag, than Manziel’s middle finger to the Washington Redskins bench during a preseason game should be an indication. Regardless, the bottom-line remains that Manziel makes plays and the Cleveland Browns did not waste a first round pick if they did not believe he could be a franchise QB. Although Brian Hoyer has been named the week one starter, it is only a matter of time until Johnny Football makes his debut in Cleveland.

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