How Places Like Crossfit In Houston, TX Revolutionized The Fitness World

by | Jan 20, 2014 | Sports

Every decade or so there comes along a fitness program that revolutionizes the way that people exercise. Considering that roughly 70% of the population is now considered obese we should be so lucky to have an exercise craze that changes the way we feel toward a healthy lifestyle. A diet consists of anywhere from 60% to 80% of how our body looks and the other 20% to 40% is the exercise we do or don’t do. It’s not exactly balanced but if you are into Crossfit in Houston, TX you learn to balance the two for real world situations.

The craze that began with the Crossfit generation was inspired by people that knew working out was necessary, that looking toned was attractive, but it wasn’t quite functional for real world activities. You could do the same workout every day for a month and that won’t help you when you need to change a tire, lift furniture, or even run from one end of the airport to another. Hence, a practical and fun approach to working out began.

What’s more, people don’t have the recommended one hour minimum on a daily business to complete any kind of workout routine especially one that may seem boring. Crossfit in Houston, TX is anything boring and they have the WOD, or Workout Of The Day, posted for an average of less than 30 minutes a day so you are in out and never have a chance to get bored with the same one dimensional routine.

In addition to not only being a funcitonal and fun way to approach staying in shape but places like Crossfit in Houston, TX have taken on a social world all of its own. People who work out together just don’t complete a class and see each other the next day, there are outside activities as well. It is more of a social scene at times but it’s one that takes fitness to the next level. It makes it a way of life and no longer a drag to go to the gym everyday. Being active takes on a whole new world where you start to look at everything in terms of how you can lift it, press it or jump over it.



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