Learn Judo At A Fort Worth Training Center

by | Jul 24, 2013 | Sports Apparel

No one ever expects to be attacked by another person when they are out walking around, either while alone or with a group of people, but the truth is it does happen. One of the smartest things anyone can do to prevent getting hurt when this happens is to learn martial arts. There are many types of martial arts to choose from. If you happen to be a smaller person or someone that is just naturally light in body weight, the best choice would be to learn Judo. You can find a Good Judo Fort Worth School to sign up for lessons.

Judo is an offshoot from another martial art called Jujitsu. The word Judo means “Gentle Way.” It was developed as a way that smaller individuals could win in a confrontation against a much larger and stronger opponent. The Judo Fort Worth training is excellent for women.

Judo consists of learning to avoid being hit and using the strength and momentum of the attacker against them. It teaches you how to throw them to the ground and possibly put a joint lock on them to immobilize them. You would also learn choke holds that can cause them to pass out so that you could run away from the situation.

Learning at Fort Worth Judo schools from Peak Performance is also a great way to get into shape. The workouts you do while learning to master the Judo kata’s, or forms, will burn calories so you will lose weight and gain muscle tone. You will also learn to have confidence in yourself and your ability to get out of potentially dangerous situations.

The teachers at Judo Fort Worth training studios like to say that they teach control of your body and mind in such a way that you won’t panic in dangerous situations, but will instead reverse the danger back to the attacker. You will gain strength in your body, but you will learn that being fast and “gentle” is what will defeat your opponent.

You can study Judo for health, self defense, to be able to compete or just for fun. Give your local Judo Fort Worth school a call right now and get started learning the “Gentle” way to stay safe and healthy.

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