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Can Tai Chi Classes Help You Manage Health?

While you may originally decide to consider Tai Chi classes for the physical exercise value you may be surprised to find that this is one of the most effective ways to deal with stress and a range of other health issues. In addition, because it is a low impact, slower paced type of exercise it is perfect for people of all ages and of all fitness levels.

The Mind-Body Connection

Tai Chi classes are designed to focus in on the mind-body connection. This is very different than other types of fitness classes that only focus in on the body. Tai Chi and the mind-body connection is not new; it is actually a very ancient concept found in a range of different Eastern practices.

Some people talk about Tai Chi classes as if they were more like yoga, but with more involved movements and forms. There are specific descriptors to the exercises that are completed in a long, flowing, fluid type of method. This again is different than other forms of exercise classes were you do intensive exercise followed by periods of rest.

Health Benefits

In studies around the world from Taiwan to California the results of Tai Chi classes and exercise routines on people with diagnosed health conditions are nothing short of amazing. With just 12 weeks of Tai Chi classes individuals with breast cancer, heart disease, hypertension, sleep problems, Parkinson’s disease and stoke all showed noticeable health benefits. These included lower blood pressure, increased balance and recovery after treatments, improved quality of life and increased functional capacity.

In addition Tai Chi classes, with the focus on breathing and experiencing the movement of the body through specific movements, have also been linked to a reduction in reported stress levels. Sometimes referred to as meditative movement, this exercise program gives participants a mental break from the worries of the world, helping to dramatically decrease stress and stress related health complications.

If you haven’t considered taking Tai Chi classes you may want to find a class and join. This is a wonderful, low cost exercise option that will quickly become a part of your everyday life. It is great for the family to do together or to do on your own.

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